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Daptl. Your success, our code.

After 20 plus years working with a company I helped found, I have decided to move on to a new phase of life. Not one for sitting idle, and believing that I still have more to offer, I founded Daptl. This new venture aims to explore the possibility of taking up contracting opportunities once again, revisiting a path I once walked.

-Peter Smith

Strengths & Methodologies

Agile & Iterative Development
Latest Frameworks & Standards

What is Daptl?

My journey began in the year 2000 when approached to automate statistical data gathering for a Hockey Pool. This collaboration evolved into a small business focused on sports statistics, providing users with a user-friendly web interface for custom queries.

In 2001, seizing an opportunity, we aimed to grow the collaboration into something bigger.  To support the venture’s growth, I took on software contracting while reinvesting extra earnings into marketing.

The startup expanded to over 100 employees and worldwide affiliates, leading the author to a phase of semi-retirement. Despite this, feeling I have more to give, I founded a new venture, Daptl, to explore contracting opportunities once more.

The Reasons for Choosing Us

Experienced Professionals

More than twenty years of involvement in software development results in not just an innate understanding of problem-solving, but also adaptability, ensuring the ability to stay current with emerging concepts, technologies, and frameworks.


Passionate Developers

We boast a team of passionate software developers who bring the same fervor to coding as they do to their interests in cycling, barbecuing, and culinary pursuits.

This shared enthusiasm for both technology and lifestyle infuses our projects with a distinct and dynamic energy.

Financial Insight

With experience gained in the realm of accounting, overseeing multi-million dollar transactions, and managing a wide spectrum ranging from capital expenditures to payroll, we possess the ability to comprehend and create solutions that align with your business needs while also being budget-friendly.

Innovative Solutions

Discover a new dimension of possibilities with our unwavering focus on innovation. We redefine the status quo, pushing boundaries and crafting unique answers to even the most complex challenges. Revolutionize your approach and achieve results that stand as a testament to true innovation.

Our Clients

There are lots of talented developers out there, but not many that boast a level of technical proficiency that matches their real-world understanding of what the project’s end result should be. In other words, distilling reams of project specs down to the basic, exact desired outcome. I have worked with Peter Smith on and off for 25 years and he always asks the right questions so that the project has a laser focus and will be done the right way the first time. In doing so, he will compel project managers to really understand and think through the options and risks, while providing his practical knowledge and experience that helps get everyone on the right page. His work and skills and code have underpinned major applications and complex tasks with major companies and complex websites over the years. He has truly ‘been there and done that’ and is a likeable, adaptable, experienced team player who is an asset in any role he plays. I still seek his input and advice, more than five years after we last worked together.
Barry DoreyWebsite Owner