Making Calls on a Budget: What Is VOIP?

In my article discussing expenses, I previously mentioned the utilization of VOIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. But what exactly does this acronym entail?

We’ve all encountered instances where audio is transmitted over the internet, whether it be through platforms like YouTube or Spotify. While these examples may not be considered VOIP, they highlight the concept that sound can indeed be conveyed via the internet. So, why not extend this capability to telephone calls?

VOIP technology accomplishes precisely that. It enables individuals, like ourselves, to send and receive calls using traditional phone numbers at a significantly reduced cost.

Some years ago, Vonage, which harnessed VOIP technology, was heavily marketed, and you could buy their handsets in local stores. In today’s landscape, one of the more prevalent options is Ooma. These services, among others, provide you with the necessary equipment and the means to obtain a phone number for making calls.

However, there are even more economical alternatives. Some services offer phone numbers, SMS, MMS, and e911 service, allowing you to choose your own devices. The drawback with these services is that they tend to be a bit more intricate to set up, and you’ll need your own “device.”

It’s worth noting that a “device” need not be a physical phone; it can encompass various options. For example, you can explore SIP phones available on platforms like Amazon. Alternatively, you can employ “Softphones” or applications on your PC, Mac, or mobile device that connect to your service. These apps, with varying features, facilitate making and receiving calls and text messages.

While the feature set of such services may be somewhat limited, it typically suffices for the majority of users. Personally, I opted for a service named (referral link), a Canadian-based company situated in Montreal, and selected a local phone number from their website.

Setting up this service involves several steps, followed by additional configuration for your chosen device. With a bit of patience, most individuals can get it up and running successfully. Additionally, offers a comprehensive wiki that covers various aspects of their service.

I won’t attempt to provide a step-by-step guide here, as there are numerous articles available on the internet that can offer more in-depth guidance, and the aforementioned Wiki is an excellent resource.

However, if you ever require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m always here to help.

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